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When you purchase a new vehicle, you are offered roadside assistance. This is a great service to have, especially in the winter months. This is also a service that allows you to drive anywhere without worrying about your car breaking down. However, if you choose not to take it, you can be stuck out in the middle of a freeway with no help. That is where Dewey’s Roadside Assistance helps the most. Being a towing company in the Beloit/Janesville area, we have seen our fair share of breakdowns. We are a licensed company that is not only known for their charity, but for our service to the public as well. Our services are similar to companies such as AAA and we have worked with triple A in the past. We are close to the freeway, and that is an advantage for you if you are in a bind and need towing and roadside assistance.

Many of us have experienced it, one of those nights when you just hope your car will be fine, you have locked your keys in the car, or you’ve run out of gas somewhere. Those scenarios are sometimes unavoidable. But what happens if you are not prepared? What if you get stranded somewhere? Would you know what to do? Every year millions of Americans get stranded while driving, and deal with vehicle related issues while roadside emergencies occur with increasing regularity. Vehicle related roadside emergencies are defined as unexpected occurrences while driving which require immediate attention and action. This fairly frequent occurrence causes individuals to become more accustomed to the situations they may encounter in the future. As a result, apart from vehicle safety devices, we have become accustomed to dealing with the issues, becoming more adept at fixing them in a timely manner. Many of the vehicle related issues that result in roadside emergencies aren’t related to the vehicle, but instead, to some issue involving the driver.

These incidents can cause delays of 30 minutes to 3 hours or more, or not even allow the individual to get to work while local towing companies are still investigating the issue. To make sure that you are involved in these types of situations as few times as possible, there are a couple of things you should do if you suspect you are at risk of becoming a Roadside Assistance Junkie and need to avoid such behavior. 

Follow these fine rules:

  • Always have a set place for your keys after you pull them from the ignition
  • Keep your gas tank above half full all the time
  • Get regular maintenance checks (oil changes, Fluid checks and tire checks)
  • Rotate your tires when they are set to be rotated

If you follow these rules and take care of your truck or car, you can greatly cut down on the number of times you are stranded. But if the inevitable happens,  Dewey’s Towing and Roadside Assistance, to stop the worry and get you on the road fast. We ensure your safety by use of great scheduling and a solid all around services.


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